1. Snow every night. 

    Something new for Nobrow9.

    Animation by the amazing Hye Jin Chung. You might have to click on the blank icon if viewing this in tumblr


  2. mm-dd-yyyy:

    Looking for some bodies to draw next weekend with pencilfactory jingweinews mikeperrystudioanabenaroya. Sign up.


  3. Another sunday afternoon


  4. Thanks Heads of State. Cover for Rosenfeld Books


  5. Lecture and presentation at University of the Arts

    Hi. I will be doing a talk this Thursday at in Philly. Also a reception later that evening. More info here:


  6. A city grows in the forest.

    Real estate opportunities! For Plansponsor magazine, AD: SooJin Buzelli. I have been neglecting this blog a bit. But will post a bunch of new things soon. Happy New Year guys! 


  7. Where’s Snowden?

    There are 10 Edward Snowdens here. Also a few Vladimir Putin’s. Also Jay-Z and Marina Abramovic. Also the Pope. Also Backdoor Teen Mom. Also the Red Wedding. Also goat riding skateboard. And a lot more that I can’t quite bring myself to type out. Basically a lot of major moments in pop culture this year. Thanks to GQ art director: Chelsea Cardinal. Though this ultimately never ran, it was still fun to draw.


  8. My friend John Cuneo drew this insanely amazing portrait of me in response to the selfie that the NYTimes published yesterday. I have no words!



    I’m really excited to be in the Anxiety show tonight at the New York Times. With a lot of my favorite artists. Curated by Alexandra Zsigmond. Amazing poster (on the right) is by Matt Brinkman. RSVP


    ATAK + Wesley Allsbrook + Stéphane Blanquet + Mat Brinkman + C.F. + Josh Cochran + Martha Colburn + Eleanor Davis + Henrik Drescher + Christelle Enault + Noah Frase + Alex Gorodskoy + Kristian Hammerstad + David Jien + Misaki Kawai + Yann Kebbi + Kolchoz + Eric Lambé + Matt Leines + Antoine Marchalot + Taylor McKimens + Brendan Monroe + Tommi Musturi + Boris Pramatarov + Jonathon Rosen + David Sandlin + Shobo Shobo + Rachell Sumpter + Jillian Tamaki + Sam Vanallemeersch + Brecht Vandenbroucke + Henning Wagenbreth + Sam Weber + Balint Zsako


  10. What I thought New York City was like before I moved to New York City. For Planadvisor magazine. Art directed by SooJin Buzelli